Chon Update 06/08/2020

Becc   -  
Dearest Prayer Partners,
We hope this email finds you well.  It has been a while since we’ve sent an email and we want to apologize for that.  There are so many emotions that we have for the things that are happening around the world that it’s been hard to ask for prayer when it seems many others need it more than us. But over the last several weeks we are realizing that it’s foolish to think we can go so long without asking for prayers from you, because we really need it too.
The last we wrote was before the Coronavirus got bad in the US in March, so it really has been a while.  The news of how bad it got in the US and the start of treatments for a close family members’ cancer came within a few weeks of each other so we were in quite a bit of shock.  Trying to balance our emotions, our hearts being in the USA, yet trying to manage a lot of ministry cancellations and trying to figure out next steps for the team here, were quite overwhelming at times and put us in a position where it was hard to communicate and put into words all the complexity in our hearts, which I’m sure many of you also have been feeling.  Quite a lot to process.
We are needing to come together in prayer like never before and we humbly ask for prayer from you.
Please pray for encouragement for us being here in Taiwan and leading the team.  We know the Lord has been leading us and speaking to us, for that we are grateful, but we are mentally tired.
Please pray for communication and wisdom, in our marriage and with raising our kids. Eliah has started to homeschool Kaiya 3 times a week and so far it has been really good, but she doesn’t feel like she can keep up with her things to do list (maybe every mom feels this way ;)).
Our schedule for the summer has been filling up fast since the Coronavirus has been quite controlled here.  We’d really appreciate prayers for the upcoming surf camps, kids camps, outreach events, and our regular weekly ministries.
Please know that we have been praying for each of you and we really would love to hear how you’re doing and how we can be praying for you more specifically.
Praying you all are safe and staying close to our Father who is so good.
Blessings and Love,
Chris and Eliah