Halloween Grab Bags

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Last year, we served the community by providing families a safe place to play games and earn prizes/candy on Halloween.  We had about 10-12 games for families to engage with.

This year, about seven women got together and created 200 Halloween grab bags.  Each bag had candy, hot chocolate, a fall themed craft, and Easter eggs with an Easter Egg gospel message told through the colors.  At the beginning of the year, the church purchased a set of a few hundred eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt, but (you know) due to COVID, we weren’t able to do that…  Grab bags were put out in the parking lot for families to grab contactlessly.

So, with the theme of Jesus is Risen still, we used the eggs to share the Gospel message because truth be told, we can share the Gospel anytime of the year!

As far as I know, we still have bags left.  Let us know if you would like one!  Otherwise, we will be handing them out to the community through Supper Club.


Here’s the message of the flier we included.



Jesus is Risen, STILL!

We are so bummed we couldn’t do our Easter egg hunt this year, but you can STILL do it! We like to do the egg hunt because it reminds us of what Jesus did for us at Easter time… Even though it’s Halloween, Jesus is risen, STILL! Can you collect or find an egg of every shade to tell the story? Want to learn more, join us at church on Sundays @ 8:30 or on Wednesdays @ 6 at the Covenant Church or Sundays @ 11 in the Moravian Church parking lot.

  • A DARK egg reminds us that all have sinned (did, thought, or said bad things) and that we are separated from Jesus.
  • A RED/PINK egg tells us that Jesus, God’s son, died for our sins.
  • A LIGHT egg indicates that Jesus will wash our sins away when we confess our sins.
  • A GOLD/YELLOW egg reminds us that if we believe in Jesus, we can have eternal life with Jesus.
  • A GREEN egg tells us that we need to grow in Jesus and learn more about Him.