Christmas Gifts

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Think back to Christmas as a young child… What was it like?

Eli and I share very different stories about our childhood Christmases (is that how you make Christmas plural? I don’t really know). I am the third out of four children and was always given toys and books. I have a few Christmas memories that I will never forget. One time, Rebecca St James came to a nearby town and my dad scored us all tickets. We never did things like this. Anyway, he hid a ticket in each person’s stocking. We all opened ours and were very excited. But my poor brother couldn’t find his in the stocking. The emotions were high for a bit. Eventually, it was recovered and joy returned. Another Christmas, my younger sister received her first cell phone. Dad had wrapped it up and called it. When her gift started ringing, she thought it was a cruel prank (Dad isn’t known for his gift giving ability in our family). But it wasn’t a prank. It was what she wanted. Eli, on the other hand, tells stories of receiving generic sheets for Christmas. He actually isn’t fond of receiving gifts because he doesn’t think they’ll be something he can pretend to like or can even use.

Now, now… before you start telling me that the purpose of Christmas is NOT gifts, but in fact Jesus… Yes, of course.

But, we give gifts to reflect the blessings Jesus brought. We give gifts to others to acknowledge that Jesus was a gift to us. An indescribable gift. A gift of which we are not worthy.

Perhaps your Christmases (I’m going with that spelling even if it isn’t correct) were about family get togethers. Maybe it was all about the candlelight Christmas Eve service (one of my favorite services for the whole year).

Then again, maybe your Christmas childhood traditions weren’t bright. Possibly, your Christmas didn’t have gifts or family or a focus on Jesus.

Christmas brings emotions of all sorts.

This Christmas season, you have the opportunity to bring joy to some mothers and their children. Now, the last few years, we have partnered with the foster care system. However, this year, we are partnering with TWC and their Christmas tree. TWC, for those who don’t know to Bethel, is the Tundra Women’s Coalition and they take in women and children for safety reasons. Normally, they put all the requests on paper ornaments on a Christmas tree, but … well, you know. This year, we are asking you to sign in (if you want to participate) and pick the guests and their gift choices you want to support.

Details: Each guest lists their age and two gifts. Please buy both gifts lifted. New gifts, please. Please deliver, wrapped and labeled with the letter/number combo, to the church by Friday, 12/11/20.

I’m letting you know now so you can order something NOW, if needed.

Perhaps this isn’t your thing and that’s okay. We will be using the Caring for Kids money to finish buying all the gift requests leftover. But I would love to have all 32 options chosen in the next few days.

This is a way for our church to bless others and say, “We give because Jesus loves you.”

In other holiday news… we will be doing a parking lot Christmas Eve service this year. I’m not 100% sure of the time, but we will still have a Christmas Eve service.



PS… If you would like to help make Christmas joyous this year for others, please purchase a gift for a mother or child in the TWC program. Sign up and pick here.