Perspectives Bible Study

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The Perspectives Bible Study has finished its first cohort session in Bethel.  There were about six different families represented during this course.  Being a part of the first group to do this, some were unsure of what it was actually about and what it involved.  So here is more information about it.

Official Title:  Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

Purpose:  To learn about God’s global mission and strategies for reaching every tribe, tongue, and nation.  There is a focus on why and how to reach unreached people groups.

Audience:  This class is for everyone.  The official format is rigorous (see below) and the official format may not be for everyone.  However, the material is thought provoking for all adults.  We can all learn about what the mission field is, how to be missionaries (at home and abroad), and how to support the mission work that needs to be done.  If the topic is of interest, it is recommended taking it at the key reading level, at bare minimum.

Pastor Adam says, “Perspectives shatters our comfortable bubbles and opens our eyes to the reality of a world that largely does not know Jesus and spells out how each and every one of us is specifically gifted to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.”

Lesson Topics:


#1. The Living God is a Missionary God
#2. The Story of His Glory
#3. Your Kingdom Come
#4. Mandate for the Nations
#5. Unleashing the Gospel

Phillip Perry says, “There was a lot of talk early in the class about world views… but one thing the class has done is correct and hopefully make my world view better.  It should make us question what is western Christian culture and what is following Christ.  If my world view is better, shouldn’t that help me be better at the “Great Commission”, whether my role is down the street or in Africa?”


#6. The Expansion of the Christian Movement
#7. Eras of Mission History
#8. Pioneers of the World Christian Movement
#9. The Task Remaining


#10. How Shall They Hear?
#11. Building Bridges of Love


#12. Christian Community Development
#13. The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches
#14. Pioneer Church Planting
#15. World Christian Discipleship

Elisabeth Jacobson says, “Growing up in the church, I have been fortunate to see discipleship as a long process.  However, I don’t know that I would have been able to disciple someone in a short time to empower them to start sharing Jesus immediately.  This course has taught me how to connect with others effectively and how to disciple someone quickly so that they can step into their circle and share Jesus effectively.”

Format:  This is the official format of the class, which can be taken for a certificate or credit.  There is also a Key Reading level, which does not require the quizzes and integrated project.

-Lectures:  Every week there were lectures to watch that correlated with the readings.  Most of the time, it was a presentation on the reading.  Sometimes, it was a presentation of how the readings looked on the mission field.

-Discussion:  There were discussion questions and group conversation about the application of the information learned through the readings.

-Readings:  There is a study guide that summarizes the main concepts and outlines the readings.  Then there is a reader that has articles from a variety of authors and missionaries.  The study guide is necessary as it indicates what readings are necessary.

-Quizzes:  As this is a class taken for a certificate or credit, there are quizzes online about the readings and themes.

-Integrated project:  At the end of the class, a paper is due.  Each person had to pick an unreached people group, talk about the group, and how they would use the strategies presented in the course to reach the group they chose.

Materials:  These are the materials needed for this course.  There is a reader and a study guide.  Below are the links to different formats of both the book and study guide.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Reader, 4th ed, Paperback)

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement (Reader, 4th ed, Kindle)


In short:  This is a class that focuses on God’s mission for His world and how we can be obedient in that mission regardless of who we are and where we are.