01/18/2021 Board Meeting

With the new year comes new goals. One of the BECC’s leadership goals is to regularly and timely communicate the minutes of the board meetings. All are welcome to attend board meetings.

Typically, the way the board meetings have gone is that they are opened with prayer and a devotional, led by a different board member each time. Then they move into reports from the pastor/staff, treasurer, and maintenance. Then it is on to reviewing/updating previously discussed agenda items and finishing with new agenda items.


We now have a page on our website that we will house the reports and meeting minutes on. You can access it with the button above or by hovering over the leadership tab on the menu. It is password protected. Reach out to Elisabeth at (360) 329-4300 or via the contact form to get the password.

The pastor’s report included an overview of ministries and indicated that ministries are going well and have gotten into a sustainable rhythm (homeless/recovery/food security, two new life groups, Spatz family helping with AWANA). There is also a note that we will begin rediscussing in person services in late February. Sadly, the report also includes the mention of the loss of Sharon Phillips, one of our regular attenders.

Agenda items include elections for the board members, a discussion of the parsonage and the Annual Meeting scheduled for April at BECC, and that a second loan/grant with the PPP has been applied for. The board has requested that the Annual Meeting be held online this year but that we still have the possibility to host next time it is held in person.

The roles for the board members are as follows.

  • Chair: Eli Jacobson
  • Vice Chair: James Jaskowiak
  • Secretary: Dan Hannah
  • Financial Secretary: Corey Zink
  • Treasurer: Phillip Perry
  • Other members: Adam London, John Trimble

If ever you need to reach out to the board, please feel free to do so. You can call the church at (907) 543-3225 or email the office at [email protected]


–Elisabeth Jacobson

Ministry Communications Director

PS. We now have a spot where you can look at the board minutes and reports at any time. See them here.