Annual Meeting 2021

Have you ever been to the Alaska Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church Annual Meeting? If so, I would love to hear your story!! I went a few years ago when it was in Mountain Village. It was a grand time.

The Annual Meeting is a gathering of the Evangelical Covenant Churches in the state of Alaska for worship, prayer, fellowship, and the business meeting of the conference of churches. Anyone can attend; however, each church in the conference is asked to send two delegates/members/partners (and a pastoral delegate) to the business meeting to vote on behalf of their church.

Each year the location rotates. One year it will be on the road system, one year in the YK Delta, and one year in the Norton Sound area. Last year, we were to hold it in our church at the request of one of our elders. But alas, COVID. This year, we were to hold it. But alas, COVID. Last year, it was just the business meeting online (electing leaders, reviewing budgets and finances, discussing business needs). However, this year will be a little more traditional, but still virtual.

Annual Meeting is a good time to see what the Lord is doing in His churches across the villages across the state. Typically, people arrive to the location on Wednesday, with dinner and a worship session that night. Thursday is full of learning sessions, worship sessions, food, and fellowship. Friday has more sessions, more food, and the business meeting (this is for delegates only), which is much like our congregational meeting. Saturday is communion, worship, meals, and departures. People are housed in the homes of congregants of the hosting church. And there’s always one potluck from the church of local foods. Pastor Adam encourages the board to delegate one member/partner who has been before and one member/partner who has not. This allows for conversations to happen between our members and more people to learn how our church is structured. There is a fee for attending, but the church pays for the delegates to attend. Others can attend at their own expense (it helps cover the cost of food, lodging, goodies, and such).

This year, there will be no traveling. However, there will be worship and learning sessions available from April 22nd-24th. The business meeting will be held on Saturday, April 24th from 10-12noon. Unfortunately at this time, we don’t know much about what the sessions will be on, but we will keep you updated.

I would encourage you to participate. To fellowship with other believers. To learn more about our church and their desire to serve with the Lord. To see how God works in surrounding villages. It is a refreshing time to spend with the Lord (I found, at least).

Hopefully we will have more information soon. When we do, you’ll be sure to know 🙂

–Elisabeth Jacobson

Ministry Communications Director

PS. The Annual Meeting is being held online this year. Are you interested in attending?