BECC Board Meeting Recap

How was your January? For us at the church, it was probably one of the smoothest months we have had since 2019. Even with some Internet hiccups on Sunday mornings, we have plans and back up plans to ensure that services are happening and being streamed. Pastor Adam celebrated this at the board meeting on Monday, February 15th in his report to the board. He also stated that we are looking forward to returning to the building on March 7th for an 8:30 service and the end of April for the 11 service.

Pastor Adam also mentioned that Bethel Winter House is returning to the church building on Wednesday, February 17th for about six weeks. This will allow the renovations at their new building to be completed so they can function in one building. Since the end of 2020, BWH has been operating mostly out of the new facility, but it does not have a functional kitchen. So, they have had to prepare meals at the Covenant Church when the meal train was empty. However, it is predicted that this is the last set of renovations needed to be able to fully functional. It is so exciting to see the hard work and prayers of many be answered. We will still continue to work with BWH even after they move out of the building as Pastor Adam serves on their board and as this is a valued and needed ministry for the community.

See Pastor Adam’s Report Here

The board reviewed the finances of the church. We are currently applying for a second Paycheck Protection Program loan (which can all be forgiven), but have had to fill out more paperwork this round.

Brian Nanninga, the associate superintendent from the Alaska Conference of Evangelical Covenant Churches, called in to share a report and to make an ask of the church to reallocate funds we give to them. The board went into executive session and discussed the ask, but did not take any action. Asela Calhoun shared her testimony, as a step in becoming a partner/member of the church.

The Annual Meeting was discussed. James Jaskowiak and Elisabeth Jacobson were nominated to attend the Annual Meeting for the Alaska Conference with Pastor Adam as voting delegates of the church.

Eli Jacobson, the board chair, also recommended that board members be on the look out on how the board can help meet the needs of the church congregation.

See the Meeting Minutes Here

You can see the minutes and reports for this year at this on our website (it is always there under the Leadership tab). The password is (ask Elisabeth for the password). As time allows, I will add previous meeting minutes and reports to the page. Our goal is to have them all in one place and accessible at all times. This has been a long process and transition as we slowly organize the files given to us from the past 47 years, while moving forward at the same time.

As always, you are always welcome to attend the board meetings, whether you are a partner/member of the church or not. Currently the meetings are held in a hybrid fashion (in person and over Zoom). The next meeting is scheduled for March 22nd at 6:30 PM.


Elisabeth Jacobson

Ministry Communications Director

Bethel Evangelical Covenant Church

PS. There was a board meeting on Monday, February 15th. You can see the meeting minutes and the pastor’s report . The password is (ask Elisabeth @ (360) 329-4300 for the password).