Season of Lent Newsletter

What does the season of Lent mean to you? Did you celebrate/observe it growing up? I know I didn’t. To me, it was just a season of “Lutheran and Catholic kids” eating fish on Fridays. I saw it as a religious activity, not necessarily a season in one’s faith. I’m not necessarily talking about giving something up in faith, but more of a way to prepare for the resurrection and second coming of Christ. It’s exciting to think about Jesus coming back. As an adult, I also think about how Mary felt as a mother. I’m sure she wasn’t prepared for the sacrifice and the pain Jesus suffered at our cost, but if anyone knew He was the Son of God, she did. Just some thoughts I have.

There are a few things the season of Lent means in our church. We have a small group of people doing a daily devotional to prepare their hearts. The staff is working to figure out how to reach the community of Bethel with Jesus as this season looks different. Easter is a season where newcomers and a-few-times-a-year people come to church, so we try to present the Gospel simply so it can be heard, but deeply so believers are also challenged. It also marks a new sermon series.

Pastors Adam and Andrew just finished preaching on the book of Ecclesiastes. Pastor Adam specifically preached on finding meaning in Ecclesiastes.

This past Sunday, at the 11 AM service, Pastor Adam preached for the first Sabbath in the season of Lent. Our two services become unsynchronized during the Ecclesiastes sermon series, but now they will be synchronized again.

You can access all of the sermon notes and sermons on our blog. Each sermon series has a page with the YouTube playlist, the readings, and other resources attached.

We upload the sermons as quickly as we can, but they may be delayed due to various factors, but they’ll be collected and in one accessible place for each sermon series. This way, even if you are working or traveling, you can always access the teachings provided by Pastor Adam (or those preaching).

Are you giving something up for Lent? How are you preparing your hearts to focus on the Resurrection, the sacrifice, and the second coming?

Praying for you,

Elisabeth Jacobson

Ministry Communications Director

P.S. We just finished the sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes and started a new on Lent.