Being Good Stewards of our Building

This past Sunday we had our first in-person, in-the-sanctuary service in a long time. And it was great to have our doors open again. It was great to see the smiling faces (or eyes above masks). It was great to have Nathan lead us in musical worship. It was great to see Pastor Adam behind the newly refashioned pulpit.

Volunteers and staff alike are working hard to make improvements and clean up the building. A lot of work has been done recently. And we have a few more things to finish before we open our doors for our single Sunday service on April 25th. (We will be doing one 11 AM service in the church sanctuary starting on April 25th. We will no longer have the 8:30 AM service nor the Moravian Church Parking Lot service; they will be replaced with one sanctuary service).

For starters, you may have seen the pulpit was trimmed down and restained. It was also sitting on the stage that has been extended. This week, our volunteer is extending the other side of the stage, so that the piano will also be lifted up. This allows the worship team to work together more easily on one level. We also have plans to channel cords and such under the stage. However, as you know, all great work can take time. So we appreciate your patience as we worship while this is all in progress.

Another bigger project that has taken place happened in the men’s bathroom. You may remember that in the last few years, we had to redo the plumbing and we also installed new toilets and such. However, the main wall in the men’s bathroom was not finished. Now it is! We hired out and the contractor painted the sheetrock, installed a splashguard on that wall (I don’t remember the technical term), rehung the door, and rehung the stalls. It looks great and finished now!

Although done a few months ago, the youth room has new table tops that look great and match the feel of that room. These table tops allow for kids to sit and play games, complete homework, or even allow women to sit and worship. They are just the thing that was needed to finish that room up. It is a room perfect for coffeehouses, small gatherings, showers, and such. However, while we have food and housing security ministries going on, that room is being used to house supplies. It is such a blessing to have organized storage while Supper Club and Bethel Winter House finish up their ministries in the next few weeks.

Smaller, less noticeable projects have also been completed and more are on the horizon. One such project is a new screen in the fellowship hall for overflow seating. Others include putting thermostat covers over most of the thermostats, updating and fixing all toilet paper dispensers, replacing the foam tiles in the nursery with an area rug, signs for the rooms, and more work has been done on heat register boxes in the fellowship hall. Matching curtains are coming. So is touch up painting, a splash guard under the kitchen window, and such.

While we don’t need a perfect building to worship Jesus wholeheartedly (thankfully because we will never have one), it is appropriate to be good stewards of the building God has given us. We appreciate your understanding as projects may not be finished on April 25th and I’m sure many won’t even notice due to the massive excitement over in person fellowship. Most of our projects in the last few years have been focused on reducing the need for constant maintenance (like fixing the bathroom has stopped the constant need to tinker with the leaking pipes). Some have been focused on increasing storage space, so that we don’t need to shop as frequently, or shop accidentally for what we already have, and materials are easily accessible. We have also cleared out many supplies that have not been used for years and don’t fit into any project on the horizon and will be sold/given away at the garage sale to help recover some funds, bless the community with cheaper resources, and to keep it out of the landfill. Some are done to create welcoming spaces. All are done with much prayer and thought.

We always encourage people to volunteer — not just their ideas, but their time and skills. If you aren’t skilled in this, but are willing, we can use you too! It can be easy to point out what needs to be done, but it can take time when we have only a few volunteers. We are so appreciative of the men and women who have sacrificed much time to be good stewards of the building. Please consider joining us in our efforts. Just let me know 🙂 And thank you for your patience as we finish up these projects 🙂

Blessings! And maybe we’ll see each other at the 8:30 service, 9:45 Sunday School, or 11 service soon!!

–Elisabeth Jacobson

Ministry Communications Director

PS. Even though we haven’t had opened doors for most of the past year, our building has been taken care of and had improvements that help reduce waste, increase storage, fix broken systems, and create a more welcoming space.