Carry the Cure

Were you at the service that Bill Pagaran spoke? I can’t remember exactly when it was, but Eli and I were in the back row of the church and Bill started right behind us with his drum and vocals. We jumped about 15 feet into the air.

For those that do not know, Bill Pagaran is a Tlingit man who works as the president of Carry the Cure. Carry the Cure is an organization that strives to take the Gospel message to the villages. The company is influenced by the origins of the Iditarod. As the sled teams carried the cure for diptheria to the villages struggling with the illness, their mission is to carry the cure (the message of Jesus) to the villages struggling with depression. Bill and Carry the Cure strive to empower each person with the hope of Jesus and the message that they can make a difference in his part of the world.

This time, Bill has two events happening on Friday, April 23rd. At 2 PM, he and his team will be doing a suicide prevention talk entitled “Committed to Life.” This talk is appropriate for youth (he does this presentation in schools for 6th grade and up) and adults. At 7 PM, Broken Walls with Bill Pagaran and Levi Platero will be performing a concert. Both of these events are available to the community in person and online via Facebook. Please register for the in person portion, if that is how you would like to attend. You can register via the app (have you downloaded it yet?) or through this link.

When Bill was here the last time, he came in and honored his heritage as a Tlingit man and showed how he used his cultural background to worship Jesus. It was very inspiring to see someone embrace who they are and use it fully to share the message of Jesus. I hope you can join us.

Will you be able to join us either for the suicide talk or for the concert? I really hope so! We could all use the message of hope after our last year! Join us either in person or on Facebook 🙂


–Elisabeth Jacobson

Ministry Communications Director

P.S. Carry the Cure is coming to share a message of hope on Friday, April 23rd!! At 2 PM, he will be sharing in our sanctuary and on Facebook a suicide prevention talk. At 7 PM, he and others will be performing a concert (Facebook and sanctuary). Please register if you plan to be in person.