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Resources for those already in Bethel and those moving to Bethel, Alaska!

Bible Believing Churches

Bethel Evangelical Covenant Church (that’s us!)

Bethel Community Assembly of God

Bethel Independent Baptist Church

Bethel Korean Church

Bethel Lighthouse

Bethel Moravian Church

Bethel Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Church Alaska

The Church of God

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

Table of Grace Lutheran Church


*These are churches that we have worked with and know that they believe in the Bible. This means we can vouch that they don’t have additional texts, don’t subtract from the Word, and affirm the Trinity. While there is much more to believing the Bible, these are the values we consider when recommending churches as they are foundational to the Christian faith.

Homeless Shelter

Bethel Winter House 

@ 127 Atsaq (Old Senior Center)

-(907) 545-7662

-Men and women 

-18 years and older

-November through March

-Dinner and breakfast provided each day


Sign up to deliver a warm meal to the homeless shelter!

Food Security Options

Soup Kitchen / Supper Club

@ Bethel Covenant Church 

-6 to 7 PM on Fridays only

-end of October to end of March

-take out meals available to anyone, no questions asked


Salvation Army Food Vouchers

-handed out at the Bethel Covenant Church

-application requires a list of income/expenses and those in the household

-requires you to bring your ID

-amount is based upon number of people in the household

-extra funds available for families that need formula and/or diapers (for families not on WIC)

-2 available per household per year, no more than one a month

-for families with children at this time

-based on availability, please call or text before coming to confirm that we are handing them out


Salvation Army Sack Lunches

-handed out at the Bethel Covenant Church 

-Tuesdays from 2-3 PM

-for single adults that need a meal


Food Pantry

-Call or text 545-5043 to enroll.

-Distributions are once per month.

-Must income qualify


Produce Boxes

-during COVID, Meyers Farm and the City of Bethel have worked hard to put together free produce boxes

-for distribution, please check out the “It’s Going on in Bethel” and “Bethel Food Assistance Programs” Facebook groups as there are many different spots and times depending on the week


Meals for Children

-during the school year affected by COVID, parents can register any child 0-18 years old

     -meals delivered to the home, Monday through Thursday

     -register by calling (907) 543-8844 or online 

-4H: There is food available 3x per week through the 4H program! Call 543-2088.


Summer Food Service Program

@ Owl Park from 12-1 PM, Monday through Friday

-for children 0-18 years old

-handed out during during the summer, after school lets out in May through the week before school starts

-no application required

-one meal per child


There are three types of water situations in Bethel.

  1. Hauled water and sewage – Most houses have hauled water and sewage.  This means that inside the house, outside the house, or in a separate utility room, there is a tank that holds water.  Tank sizes vary between homes.  The City of Bethel delivers water to the tank (there are hookups outside the house, so they don’t need to enter).  The sewage tank is buried and is evacuated as often as the water tank is filled (separate trucks, no worries).  Sewage tanks are larger than the water tanks to prevent overflow or backup.  There is also a self serve water location, for if you want to haul yourself or need some water in between deliveries. Learn more here. If you have hauled water, it is important that you monitor your use to make sure you have enough until your next water delivery.  You can do extra haul calls, but they are more costly. You also need to monitor your hook ups during the winter to make sure they can deliver water and pump sewage.  
  2. Piped water and sewage – There are two subdivisions that have houses that have piped water and sewage (City Subdivision and Housing Subdivision).  The difference between here and other places (including Anchorage) is that the pipes in Bethel are above the ground.  The city maintains the water quality. These prices tend to be cheaper than hauled water, there is unlimited water, and you don’t have to worry about delivery.   Learn more here.
  3. Well water – There are not many places that have well water, but there are a few. 


Looking for housing?

The church does not provide housing.  We recommend you look at the following resources. 

Facebook Group: Bethel, AK – Housing Wanted


Partner with Bethel Evangelical Covenant Church

If you have a team that would be interested in partnering with us for various ministries, please fill out the following application. We try our best to accommodate all groups throughout the year. However, this process allows us to determine if the team is a good for our ministry model.

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