This group is meeting in person on Sunday evenings.  If you want to join the in person Perspectives class, you MUST register online by July 2nd by going to the following link:  The cost of registration for this course is $225 per certificate.  We suggest that at least 1 person per household register at the certificate level.  Anyone can turn in their $225 registration for reimbursement to the church from our conferences and training budget line item.  There are also books to go along with the class and you can either purchase them on your own, or the church will purchase them for anyone who wants them – they are very cheap used on (like $3.99 with $3 shipping).  If you don’t want to officially take the class, you can still join us for the weekly Sunday night study, which will take 2 hours (longer than the normal 1 hour small group), but we want most people to register and do the reading.


This is a cohort Bible study; after July 2nd, 2020, new attenders will not be able to attend.