Special music doesn’t need to disappear simply because we aren’t meeting in person.  We have a weekly (hopefully) choir.  Each person records themselves singing the song to the track we provide and sends it back to us.  Then, our volunteer edits it all together for special music on Sunday!

Here’s a video on HOW to do it (you need headphones, a recording device, and a voice).

The easiest way to record your part is to use 2 devices.

1) With one device (like your phone), plug in headphones so only you can hear the background music and sing along with the YouTube link above

2) With the 2nd device (like a computer or a tablet or another phone), record just your voice singing (no background music). Please record the video in landscape (phone turned sideways).

3) Don’t be a perfectionist. Just make a joyful noise unto the Lord. When your voice is blended with the rest of the choir, nobody will notice any minor mistakes. Trust me, it will sound beautiful.

4) Upload your video to www.dropbox.com (you can create a free account) and share your file with adam @ bethelcovenant.org.

If you have troubles with dropbox, you can send it to me in an alternate way, but it is a lot more work for me, so I really prefer dropbox if you can figure it out. Due FRIDAY by 5PM

You can also set up a time to have Adam record you at the church. Contact Elisabeth (360) 329-4300 to schedule a time.


YouTube Playlist of previous songs