About Elisabeth

 1) When did you feel the call into ministry? 

As a high school student, I was very involved at my home church in North East, PA. Out of all that I did, I loved helping the office the most. When I moved to Bethel, I saw a need for administrative skills in the office. After the birth of my first son, I began to serve in that ministry officially as a staff member.

2) Why Bethel? 

I grew up in a bi-cultural home. My mother is from Pennsylvania and my father is an immigrant from Sweden. Language and culture has always been important to me. As a junior in college, I was called to pray about securing a position before graduation. I prayed this prayer for over a year. During my senior year, I attended a job fair and interviewed with two school districts that claimed that culture was important value to their district: Lower Kuskokwim School District and somewhere in Maryland. After prayer and seeking counsel (in less than 24 hours), I chose to come to Bethel to serve as a special education teacher.


 3) What has helped shape you in ministry (think education or experiences)? 

My educational background and teaching experience have taught me that

  • details matter, having plans (A, B, and C) are important to keeping the church moving forward
  • you can never know enough, so keep seeking to improve communication
  • how professionalism matters and reflects upon the church


  • Having a Mary Spirit by Joanne Weaver was profound for me. It has taught me to slow down and listen to the Holy Spirit. This book was instrumental in me learning to identify where I need to season my words with grace.
  • Sustainable Children’s Ministry: having a system in place allows us the freedom to focus on the people of the church and not get swept away with the last minute failures.
  • The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: This is wacky, I know. But, the church accumulates a lot of stuff. I don’t agree with her religion, but I do appreciate the push to keep what is necessary and brightens our day. It isn’t enough to have a church, for me; I believe we can use our building to serve the Lord and we do that by making it functional and inviting (which means removing the clutter and systemizing what needs to remain).


4) Passage that you think applies to your current role in ministry or guides you as you move forward in this ministry? 

I think of Acts 7 when the leaders of the church chose individuals to care for the needs of the church, so the leaders could focus on prayer and ministry. I think of Exodus 18, when Jethro tells Moses to share the administrative load. Now, while I am not a judge nor a board member, I believe that I serve a vital role in assisting those more in the prayer and people ministry so they can focus on the needs of the people.
5) What helps you the most in your relationship to the Lord?

  • Family devotions
  • Listening to the audio Bible in the car
  • Books on drawing near to the Lord, using our gifts, references, and on serving effectively

6) Specific areas of ministry that you oversee in the church?

  • Communication: Phone, Text, Facebook, Bulletin, Website
  • Volunteers/Ministry Support: Assisting the board (bookkeeping, communication, project oversight), scheduling volunteers in ministries, scheduling family events
  • Organization: keeping the church functional and inviting


Favorite book of the Bible? … Hebrews

Favorite book outside of the Bible? … Pride & Prejudice

Favorite board game? … Sorry (I’m THE champ)

Favorite church activity? … Board game nights

How many states visited?  29

Job description in 10 words or less:  Help fix all the problems and pay the bills.