1) When did you feel the call into ministry?

When I read about missionaries and people in the Bible, I knew I wanted to live a worthwhile life of serving others. I felt the call to ministry as a kid but hadn’t really done much ministry until in my twenties.

2) Why Bethel?

My husband felt the call and in submission, I came along with him to Bethel. God has definitely created a smooth transition to Bethel for us from the beginning. I have also felt confirmation about my call here by it feeling like home away from home and the joy of knowing people here.

3) What has helped shape you in ministry (think education or experiences)?

I have been blessed with parents who have been doing ministry since I was a little kid. My parents have been serving on the Navajo Reservation and in Flagstaff, they have even done witnessing trips on different reservations. I also attended ACC and IBC where I’ve learned more about the Bible and how to think in context of God’s word.

4) Passage that you think applies to your current role in ministry or guides you as you move forward in this ministry?

“I will give thanks to you Lord, with all my heart; I will tell all of your wonderful deeds.” Psalm 9:1(NIV) There is so much to be thankful for what God has done. I see my need to claim it and tell others daily in ways that they understand more about Him.

5) What helps you the most in your relationship to the Lord?

Looking at the cross daily helps me to remember so much truth about my life: He is with me, I am loved, by grace alone I can live, His will and not mine, and to live as a living sacrifice.

6) Specific areas of ministry that you oversee in the church?

Children’s Ministry, and anywhere else I can help with the youth or Quyana cafe.


Favorite book of the Bible? … Galatians, it changes depending on which book has currently been impacting my life the most at the present time.

Favorite book outside of the Bible? … Susannah Wesley servant of God or Jane Eyre

Favorite board game? … Chinese checkers or Mancala, I like them short and sweet. I’m more into card games; I grew up playing those with family.

Favorite church activity? … Being a part of discipleship whether I’m receiving or giving it. It’s so encouraging to see spiritual growth from spending time with each other and being in God’s word.

How many states visited? … 16, drove to and through all of those but Georgia.

Job description in ten words or less:  Helping, planning, and doing church things for Christ.